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About Keith
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As Viktor E. Frankl wrote in Man’s Search for Meaning, “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”


Therapeutic & Generative Coaching invites you to embrace that challenge through deepening your connection to your authentic self. Heal the past, inspire the future, transform obstacles into resources and bless each other through becoming present.


Keith Holden is a practitioner of Generative Coaching, Systemic Trance, NLP with Applied Neuroscience, Breakthrough Quantum Collapsing, Taoist Martial Arts, Okido Zen Yoga and Vipassana meditation. He is a Hay House author and dedicated life long student of Universal law that evolved from a background in the performance arts. Humanity is crying out for change, and Keith is here to help you.


“Keith’s very presence is transformative. He teaches and coaches with humility, kindness and profound wisdom in his own unique way based in many years of learning and practicing a diverse and versatile range of philosophies and methods that he blends to meet the needs of each individual and situation. I have no hesitation in recommending his work to anyone who wishes to deepen their compassionate connection to themselves and their world, and to allow their gift to flourish.”

   Dr. Mark Chambers, founder of Marked Changes Training and author of ‘A Bedside Manner: The Art of Elegant Consulting.’


•    Join Keith’s free live guided trance sessions on Instagram.

•    Qigong with Generative Trance on Zoom.

•    Monthly online workshop.

•    Or you can book him for a one to one session. Fees vary depending upon the type of session, length of session and the duration of the partnership.

“Our very first session ended with me laughing and feeling that I could go on! Keith’s genuine warmth and caring nature have helped guide me back to a place of strength and faith in myself and in others too.”


“I am feeling so much harmony inside now that we’ve cleared that sticky blockage :-) just peace and love here at home. It’s amazing how we could clear that with you in just one session. This thing has been stuck and bothering me on and off over 3 months, and now that it’s gone I can be free and happy. You do amazing work and I truly appreciate you - thank you.”


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